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Social Media and
Influencer Marketing


Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms used as a means of inspiring creativity through visual storytelling. With over 500 million users worldwide, Instagram has the power to give brands a platform to thoughtfully capture and highlight their products. This also helps to enhance their reach and strengthen their brand identity. Through Instagram, we apply our services in sponsored content, Instagram takeovers, and influencer social events to help brands reach their target audience and share visual stories effectively and organically.


Social media management is the primary service we provide. The strength in allowing us to handle the leg work of social media is that we adopt creative angles in styling, photography, videography, and of course, witty captions whereby the final product resonates enriched visual storytelling to help deliver the precise message. The goal is to build a connection with potential consumers and create a sense of community while delivering powerful content that turns into real business. This hassle-free service can strengthen your presence on social media without taking attention away from developing your business.


Our creative marketing takes the lead in building every brand’s unique identity to tell a personalized story. With the mission of visual storytelling we hope to communicate a brand message to connect with a targeted audience. We utilize our expertise in photography, videography, graphic design and web development to facilitate the process of expanding an online presence. All the services we provide are instrumental in creatively expressing a brand’s unique story.

Stories in Motion


Mister Artisan Ice Cream

Mister is an artisan ice cream shop that strives to build meaningful relationships in the community while applying the highest standards in creating unique, delicious products. With respect to other ice cream shops, Mister is unique in that their methods involve the use of liquid nitrogen – an exciting change up from the usual. Mister is one of the brand identities we have been building since its infancy. Working with them on creative marketing, we employ our techniques in photography, videography, and graphic design and have successfully conveyed Mister’s brand image through different forms of media. Through this process, Mister has been able to focus on running their business while we strive to build a strong online presence and connection with their audience. Since the partnership began, promotion has led to growth in the areas of sales, reach, and engagement. Word even reached Adele as she paid Mister a visit last year and shouted out Mister on stage at her concert. Thanks to consistent creative content, Mister has caught momentum and is continually creating meaningful relationships to impact the community.



Our devoted team at TEAMCHOMP is focused on creating a webpage that acts as an accessible platform bringing people from various cultures together. Whether a person has a background in photography or fashion, we commit to connecting people from all industries to celebrate one thing in common – great food. TEAMCHOMP’s weekly features have proven to be a popular destination for those looking to stay updated with our latest food adventures. Our prominent features are consistently updated making teamchomp.com a go to spot for what’s new and what’s happening.

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